Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Online Summer Classes for Kids

Summer is coming and I've been thinking a lot about keeping my tech-y ten year old engaged and not in front of the television.  Being out on the farm ,we are a bit isolated from the variety of summer camps that city life has to offer.  There are always a handful of activities outside and in the vegetable garden, but of course moments arise when it's time to take shelter from the sun and wind.  I'll gladly have him sign on to one of these great educational course sites.

For your budding Artist to THRIVE: Thrive is a video-based online classroom where kids ages 6-12 can develop creativity and confidence through our three level art instruction program. We offer video art lessons that can be taken anytime, anywhere- via laptop, tablet or smart phone. Why take your kids to an art class when the art class can come to you?

Living off the Land.  We've recently moved out of the city and onto a farm. Preserving our vegetable garden is a big TO-DO on our summer list. This amazingly comprehensive website offers classes from traditional crafting,  to cheese making, to beekeeping and more.

YOUTHDIGITAL: My son has a passion for computers that honestly baffles my mind (in a good way, I think...) This month-long digital programming course for kids ages 8-14 teaches kids how to design games, apps, 3D design and more.  This is a perfect choice for those Minecraft loving kids. Even better, they are offering summer discounts.

Khan Academy: This FREE website is an amazing education forum that is so FUN to use. It was originally based on math and science concepts explained simply and clearly in online video classes. My son and his teachers love these videos and use them often in homework assignments.Whether you want to bush up on your Art History, brush up on your math this is a great place to go. There are even Test Prep classes for older students preparing for College.

Budding Astronomers? Do the stars inspire a sense of wonder in your kids? Do you find your family spreading out a big quilt and star gazing on long summer nights? Learn exactly what you are looking at in your Hemisphere. I call this Sky TV. :)

Storytellers are always needed around the campfire. If you've got an avid reader who is just finding his or her voice in writing this would be a great course.  Time for Writing offers one-on-one classes by certified teachers and may be just the thing to inspire your budding J.K. Rowling.

Thank you to Gabrielle Blair at DesignMom  and Playful Learning for being one step ahead with some of theses fantastic ideas.