Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hand of Fatima

This Hand of Fatima bracelet is strung on a 18" silk ribbon and attached with 14k gold filled wire. Wraps 3 times around wrist. Adjustable.

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HAND OF FATIMA: The Hand of Fatima is an ancient symbol and dates back to the drawings of hands from the Stone Age Period. It has been embraced by many different cultures and religions and is still a popular symbol today, although the design of the 5 fingers may vary according to the different cultures and religions. Throughout the ages, researchers have come to the conclusion that this symbol represents divine protection, freedom and peaceful co-existence with others and this particular symbol is not exclusive to any one particular religion. This hand could be interpreted as a hand of light, showing humankind the way to brightness and peace. It can also be a hand which directs human attention to inner spirituality. It is referred to as Hand of Fatima by Islam, Hand of Miriam by Jews, and Hand of Maria by Christians. This ancient motif has been assimilated into amulets, jewelry, architecture, art and popular culture internationally.

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